Mission Statement

Its For Your Fitness

Its For Your Fitness website was created to provide a place where you can receive information of various aspects of Fitness, Exercise, Wellness, Special Events and Fundraisers benefitting various works of love.

The clients I have had throughout the few years of dancing has motivated me to continue living my passion. It is because of you that I have a website. People have said I have ignited something in them that were never there or were hidden. People have said the passion they see in me gives them the motivation to keep coming back and feel good about themselves. People have said they have confidence to wear things they never had, feel sexy or smile more.

You have kept me smiling, ignited my passion, I feed off you, so for that, Thank you. Thanks to you I get to do what I love and share it with all of you every day.

Visiting this website will hopefully illustrate the passion we have for all Zumba experiences and all experiences in general, with fitness and wellness. We want you to experience the passion, as we do, connecting with photos of yourself and those you may not know. We want you to make a connection with us, we want you to “raise the level of health and fitness through Zumba” –Linda Nehrboss

We want you to know that it’s “All About The Fun N The Movement”- Kelli Michelle

“Dancing is passion”- Dilma Higgins

We want you to know that getting or staying fit are not always easy, but you can find the motivation to stay strong. We want to inspire you to obtain realistic and measurable goals for what YOUR Fitness is for you!

We want you to blog about your dance, fitness, and fun! Chat about the classes, ask about music, learn about the about the music, learn new dances, get rhythm, expand your rhythm, grow! As you grow, we grow. Life is for the living; let’s live through dance and friendship.

Get information on Events, Classes, and Locations, all that you need to make it about YOUR FITNESS. Its For Your Fitness is a place to connect share and learn.

We are committed to keeping the passion, fun, and sexy, (except when doing Zumbatomic!) in your fitness always! When you enjoy and embrace your workout it becomes a part of your life.

We also feature nutritional and wellness products on the site.
You can visit and purchase items of choice to enhance your daily regimen.

We have clothes and accessories to keep you current and sexy.
The Shop will provide you with a variety of items to browse and hopefully give you ideas to be creative in your own fitness life.

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Kelli Michelle